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Formations aux applications du spatial


Master of Science in Telecommunication Engineering

Détails de la formation

Objectifs : In the field of ICT there is a great demand for professionals who are experts in telecommunication engineering. Skilled professionals are required to develop and manage any phase of the systems, applications and product lifecycle.

La Salle's Master of Science in Telecommunication Engineering responds directly to these needs, and will equip you with the necessary skills to undertake the management, implementation or participation in projects in this field. You will also train as a specialist in development, research, innovation (R & D & I) and knowledge transfer in ICT.

Public concerné : Etudiants

Niveau de Diplôme (UE) : 7 - (Niveau CEC ou équivalent)

Durée et modalités : 18 mois (72 ETC)

Site web dédié :

Domaines Applicatifs

Techniques spatiales et outils