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Formations aux applications du spatial


Master Traitement du signal et des Images (TSI) – Parcours Signal ImaGE processing Methods and Applications (SIGMA)

Détails de la formation

Objectifs : This master proposes the students to deepen their knowledge and develop their expertise.
In the field of digital signal and image processing, computer sciences and information technologies. A particular emphasis is put on fundamental modern tools for signal and systems modeling, information extraction from experimental data as well as information representation and conditioning.

he program is dedicated to provide the students the necessary competences to become creative specialists in various areas involving numerical technologies, such as biomedical signal processing, observational sciences (geosciences, monitoring, remote sensing,), artificial intelligence (machine learning, statistical inference, computational Bayes methods) to mention a few.

The master is designed to prepare for PhD studies in the fields of electrical engineering and computer sciences, with a focus on digital methods. An important part of the lectures is dedicated to introduce present research and development topics ; this teaching is organized into a series of short lectures given by professional and researchers from companies or labs developing research or applications in the field of information technologies. A 5 to 6 months internship in a research lab or in a company involved in R&D is part of the cursus.

Niveau de Diplôme (UE) : 7 - (Niveau CEC ou équivalent)

Conditions d'admission (diplômes) : licence

Durée et modalités : 2 ans

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