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Eurisy creates networks between space and society
Eurisy is a Paris based, non-profit association gathering space agencies, international organisations, research institutions, and private businesses involved or interested in space-related activities across Europe.

To fulfil its scope, Eurisy stimulates dialogue and collaboration between public institutions at any level, SMEs, industry and academia from the space and non-space sectors. The goal is to build solid relations with communities new to space, to encourage innovative uses of satellite applications to respond to today’s challenges and to share experiences among professionals from different backgrounds.

The association was created in 1989 under French law, at the initiative of Hubert Curien, former ESA Council Chair and French Minister of Education. Eurisy is mandated by its members to act as a facilitator to fully exploit the synergies to bridge space and society. For over three decades, Eurisy has worked to put civil society at the core of the space value chain.

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