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Space Applications Training Courses
Catalog - ed. 2024

Conquering space has been a goal of mankind for a long time. Space is also one of the high-tech sectors that contributes to the improvement of the well-being of citizens, making possible a multitude of applications aiming at improving our daily life.

Acquiring new knowledge is key to the successful development of a business sector. This is why ISSAT (Institut au Service du Spatial, de ses Applications et Technologies) developed in 2005 a Catalogue of Space Education with the support of CNES, the French Space Agency.

Among these trainings is the Ambassador Connect Training, training modules in space applications set up by CNES for all audiences. This free and distance training allows, without special technical or scientific skills, to discover the range of current space solutions and those expected in the short term in the fields of the environment, mobility and health. Find here the link to the different modules. There is also the Space Mooc led by CNES Experts and created for all audiences in order to familiarize people with the space field, its history and its developments, strongly linked to current economic issues.

The new specific Catalogue of Training Courses in the field of Space Applications is being developed at the request of the CNES to serve the "training section" of the website Connect by CNES, a site created by CNES to support the development of applications and services using space data or space-based technologies.

With this new catalogue, ISSAT provides an inventory of the training courses on space applications. 

Under the Training courses heading, the course are organized by application area and by space technologies and scientific disciplines. Several search keys are available to help the website user to reach the expected information.

The ID course sheet identifies the delivered degrees, the admission requirement, the topics covered, the type of training (distance, short courses), certification properties, skills obtained, targeted jobs…

The heading Organisations provides more information on training organisations and the access to their specific web sites.

We encourage training organisations to check that their training courses in space applications are listed in our site ... and if this is not the case, simply enter a short presentation sheet online: or contact us for additional information at