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MOOC Espace

Course Details

Objectives : Mooc to familiarize yourself with the space field, its history and its developments, strongly linked to current economic issues. In this Mooc, CNES experts share their passion for space mechanics or the space environment.

4 themes:
Sequence 1 - Space, new players, new challenges?
Sequence 2 - Space, a merciless universe?
Sequence 3 - And Sciences in space?
Sequence 4 - How do we move in space?

Public concerned : all audiences.

Acquired skills during the training : - Understand the historical evolution of space activities in a changing economic context, sustainable development issues and respect for planetary limits.
- Understand the challenges that space represents for Sciences, for the improvement and increase of our knowledge on Earth, as in the universe.
- Understand the physical difficulties to be resolved in the management of orbital systems, as well as the dangers linked to their multiplication.
- Understand the physics of the movement of objects in Space, far from our terrestrial environment.

Duration and terms : 7 weeks 4 hours -
registration from October 23, 2023 to December 25, 2023
course from Nov 20, 2023 to Jan 10, 2024

Partnerships with national organisations : ISAE Supaéro

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Space Technologies and Scientific Disciplines