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Objectives : This distance training is free and on registration. It presents the range of current space solutions and those expected in the short term in the fields of environment, mobility and health.

- The modules: Geolocation, Telecommunications, Imagery, Maritime, Business,... the courses include many examples.
- View the online and self-service modules 24 hours a day: the slides scroll to the rhythm of the speaker's voice over.
- After attending the modules, discuss their content with our experts during scheduled interactive webinars.

Prerequisites : It does not require any scientific or technical skills.

Acquired skills during the training : The essential concepts of space tools and solutions;
An overview of current and expected short-term space solutions, in order to facilitate the development of their uses.

Duration and terms : 5h30 for the complete visualization of all the modules
Next scheduled sessions:
From May 6 to May 31
From November 4 to 28

Partnerships with national organisations : communities, Consular Chambers, development agencies, incubators, competitiveness clusters, etc.

Dedicated web site :


Space Technologies and Scientific Disciplines