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Ingénieur Informatique (option Géomatique ou Logiciel ou Réseau) par apprentissage

Course Details

Objectives : The first year leads you to master the fundamental bases of the discipline. Then your skills are reinforced by many conceptual and technical inputs implemented in projects. In addition to this Common Core, you follow one of the three possible options:
– Geomatics, to design and develop systems dealing with geographic information: acquisition, processing and dissemination of geolocalized data,
– Software, to master advanced design techniques, computer development and deployment of software applications,
– Network, to imagine and implement advanced architectures and technologies in the Internet and wireless networks.
During the three years, you also receive a transverse training in management, communication, English

Public concerned : Students

Degree Level (EU) : 7 - (EQC level or equivalent)

Admission requirements : Training is open to under 30 holding a +2 consistent with the prepared training: a DUT (INFO, R & T, GEII MMI), a BTS (SN, SIO), L2 (info) or diploma equivalent. Admission is final after signing a contract of apprenticeship and the CFA Engineers 2000 helps you find a company among its 1000 partners in accompanying you in your search.

Duration and terms : alternation is gradual over the three years

Notes : Qualified CTI training

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