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Autonomous Systems (Master of Sciences)

Course Details

Objectives : The degree programme Master of Science Autonomous Systems with a stronger emphasis on research is almost unique in Germany and deepens the IT and engineering skills and mathematical-scientific knowledge acquired in the Bachelor’s degree programme. This specialised Master’s degree programme focuses on the fundamentals and applications of technical autonomous systems, such as intelligent robots, characterised by different sensor-based perception and actuator-based physical interaction skills. Their capabilities are based on a variety of methods from different disciplines (with computer science as the key area) that are implemented into complex high-performance software systems.

Public concerned : Students

Degree Level (EU) : 7 - (EQC level or equivalent)

Admission requirements : Requirements for admission to the Master’s degree programme (and thereby university enrollment) consist of a Bachelor of Arts degree or Bachelor of Science degree in a similar area.

Targeted careers : Graduates of the Master’s degree programme Autonomous Systems can expect an innovative and promising labor market with manifold prospects in industry, business, and research. They can work as development engineers or software developers in research institutions or in fields of research, development, and application of technical autonomous systems in companies.

It is important to start early in the degree programme to gain practical work experience in relevant organisations. In this way students can promote themselves as competent professionals in practice and make important professional contacts. The likelihood of finding a good position is definitely heightened if the student is flexible when it comes to commuting or even moving abroad. Good English language skills are particularly important when it comes to the international job market.

Duration and terms : 4 semesters

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