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Master Géographie, Aménagement, Environnement et Développement

Course Details

Objectives : New training offer 2021/2025
The mention of master's degree GEOGRAPHY, PLANNING, ENVIRONMENT, DEVELOPMENT (mention GAED, fields SHS and STS) offers training courses that prepare for professional integration in the field of trades of geography and territory, in their environmental, socio- economic, cultural and political, as well as geo-digital.

It is positioned on several educational purposes, which vary according to the course:
1) train in physical geography on naturalistic approaches, in the management of environmental systems and in environmental engineering, with the support of digital and geomatics skills;
2) train on methodological, systemic and expert geomatic skills, based on a wide range of thematic uses in geography, in particular around the management of natural and anthropogenic resources, as well as around the development and the project territorial, in connection with major societal themes;
3) train in human, cultural and political geography, with in particular certain specificities in social sciences, on the subject of controversies linked to transitions, or alternative tourism;
4) train in innovative methods and techniques in the field of geomatics and geographic information sciences to respond to societal challenges linked to the digital revolution of territories, to the massification and diversification of geospatial data.

Note: On the occasion of the new training offer,
the ITER course is not renewed,
the MOBAT, IDS (see TRUST) and IDT² (see IDATT) courses are now offered in another form within the Master in Urban Planning and Development.

At the start of the 2021 school year, the GAED Master's degree is divided into 6 courses:

3 M1 + M2 courses constitute the heart of the training offer:
- M1 + M2 GEOIDS: GEOgraphy - Information - Interfaces - Sustainability - Environments. M1 and M2 opened in 2021.
- M1 + M2 GEOPOESICE: GEOgraphy, POuvoir, Space, Justice, Environments. M1 opened in 2021 and M2 opened in 2022.
- M1 + M2 GEOMAS: GEOMatics and Spatial Analysis. M1 opened in 2021 and M2 opened in 2022.

3 M2 courses corresponding to specific training segments:
- M2 GEOSPHERES: GEOgraphies, eSPaces, Man / Environment, REssources, Systems. Opened in 2021.
- M2 IDT²: Engineering of Territorial Development and Transition. M2 renewed for the year 2021-2022 only to ensure the continuity of registrations in M1.
- M2 TIT: Tourism, Innovation, Transition. Opened in 2021.

The common core of the GAED mention is built around a theoretical base of initiation into research and project management, a thematic base centered on the concepts of resources, territories and sustainability, and a methodological base relating to the collection, processing, representation and communication of geographic data.

Degree Level (EU) : 7 - (EQC level or equivalent)

Duration and terms : 2 years

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