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Catalogue des formations continues de courte durée de l'ESGT

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Objectives : Short-term continuing education related to space applications:
- BIM: from the cloud to the model
- Division into volumes
- 3D imaging: 3D point clouds by close-up photogrammetry
- Lasergrammetry: acquisition, processing, 3D modeling
- Topography and accuracy classes of topography and ground deformations by radar imagery
- Initiation to Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
- Precision topography and auscultation
- GNSS in post-processing and real time for georeferencing
- The basics of topography
- Topography: survey and implantation
- Introduction to CoMeT software
- Advanced use of CoMeT software

Preparation for the DPLG land surveyor examination:
GT61 - Right Module
GT67 - Measurement science and geomatics module
GT68 - Geomatics Module
GT64 - Regional Planning Module
GT65 - Property Development Module
GT66 - Support for writing the DPLG thesis

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