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Ingénieur ECE, Majeure Objets connectés, Réseaux et Services

Course Details

Objectives : The engineer from the major Connected Objects, Networks and Services will gain expertise in Internet and radio network technologies. The first semester is more specifically focused on the connected object and its rapid prototyping. The second semester is based on web and mobile programming. The third deals more specifically with the services dimension and platform architectures while two seminars do the synthesis exercise by developing an innovative service in "design thinking" mode. The Major Connected Objects, Networks and Services will naturally be complemented by the Options for Deepening proposed at the ECE as Data Scientist, Interactive and Sensory Design, Innovation and Entrepreneurship…

Public concerned : students

Degree Level (EU) : 7 - (EQC level or equivalent)

Targeted careers : Innovation project leader: Mission: design and develop innovative products. Work in project mode by meeting market expectations and passing on the finalized products to development. At the same time, monitor technological developments.
Service Designer: Mission: Design new service elements or service platforms and ensure they are consistent with existing ones.
Converging Solution Architect: Mission: To design new service solutions that combine the different technical bricks of network architecture, IS and service platforms.
Mobile Application Developer: Mission: Define a specification, choose a technical solution according to the specificities of the project, perform the application and test it to ensure that it meets the specifications

Duration and terms : 3 years

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